Seminar Experimental Design


Next to his work at one fine day, Holger spends most of his time teaching and researching at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. Here, he heads the Chair for Techniques of Representation and Design (DME). This is great fun!

Chair for Techniques of Representation and Design

Gardens of Exuberance, Studio Experimental Design, DME, 2018/19

Student: Lukas Altreuther

University of Wuppertal

The Chair of “Techniques of Representation and Design” at the University of Wuppertal develops and teaches techniques for the computer-aided conception, visualization and materialization of architectural projects. We embrace a comparably broad range of topics inbetween disciplinary and technological themes.

"The Intensive City". Masterthesis

Zana Barmani


Pseudo Concrete Vaults


Exhibition project at Vlaams Architectuur Instituut, 2016

“Pseudo Concrete Vaults” is an example of research projects that use digital design and production methods to investigate traditional typological and tectonic issues – with a twist. The object presented in the exhibition served as a “proof-of-concept” of the methods studied, but also as an investigation into the aesthetics and spatial consequences of vaults.
We would like to thank our esteemed colleague and curator Prof. Christoph Grafe for the initiation and invitation to the exhibition and the inspiring collaboration in the conception of the project.


Studio Experimental Design